Prism Award


Brian Leung is a renowned radio personality / veteran broadcaster in Hong Kong. Among one of the very few early out local figures, Leung has been actively engaging in advocacy works for years. Back in the early Millennium, he launched the very first LGBT netcast ( in HK. Since 2006, he’s been hosting the first ever and the only Chinese LGBT radio program “We Are Family” on RTHK. The program was awarded the Winner Prize in the 14th Annual Human Rights Press Award presented by Hong Kong Journalists Association, The Foreign Correspondents’ Club and Amnesty International. This year marks the 10th anniversary of this groundbreaking show! “Straightly-Gay” was Leung’s first book on LGBT culture published in 2009. Beginning 2013, he acted as the appointed Chief Campaigner of BigLove Alliance, an LGBT NGO and collective founded by out pop stars Anthony Wong and Denise Ho. Over the years, Leung spearheaded various high profile advocacy campaigns, including Pink Dot Hong Kong, which has become the biggest annual local LGBT event since 2014. Last year, Leung was invited by the US State Department to participate in the “International LGBT Leadership Exchange Program”, which lasted for 2 months, covering 5 different States. As a HK representative, Leung took the opportunity to inform the global community on the challenges facing LGBT in HK and exchanged invaluable ideas and experiences with over 23 other LGBT activists around the globe. He’s also recently appointed by AIDS Concern as the ambassador for the promotion of safe sex and regular HIV testing.