Prism Award


Jay founded Portico Media, a dynamic hub for content development, production, distribution and marketing 13 years ago and has received numerous awards, including the Golden Horse for Best Short Film and Taipei Film Festival for Best Feature. He has also produced hundreds of viral videos, often including and focusing on LGBT characters, themes and stories to significantly expand Taiwan’s media diversity. He also created GagaTai and LalaTai, which are Taiwan’s top gay and lesbian lifestyle destination sites that cover everything from current LGBTQ affairs to culture and film reviews.

In 2014, Jay co-founded the Taiwan International Queer Film Festival, the first and still the only film festival in Taiwan dedicated to LGBTQ programming. In 2015, he was instrumental in birthing the Asia Pacific Queer Film Festival Alliance (APQFFA), with queer film festival organizers from various parts of Asia convening in Taipei to discuss strategically sharing resources with each other to build a more effective and audible voice for the LGBTQ communities through film. In 2016, He launched the Queermosa Awards, an awards ceremony that celebrates LGBTQ progress in Taiwan and promotes positive LGBTQ representation in media. He also set up, a marriage equality website where people can show their support based on their electoral districts and monitor their elected representatives’ views on marriage equality. Through actively engaging celebrities and conducting touching digital campaigns, Lightup resonated with tens of thousands of people and received much attention from major media outlets. In 2017, he launched GagaOOLala, Asia’s first and only LGBTQ online movie streaming site with currently around 400 titles. Jay is committed to developing organic and appealing projects that combine elements from various parts of Asia, such as his latest film Tale of the Lost Boys, which is a Taiwanese- Filipino co-production and features actors, crew, and locations from both sides.

He is currently raising two 1-year-old twin boys with his partner, and they are the driving force behind his dedication to make the world a better place.