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23 – 9 – 23 (Sat) 3:15pm – Broadway CINEMATHEQUE

1. My Life at the Beginning*

Director : Ana Puentes Margarito
Spain / 2022 / 16 mins / Drama
In Spanish with English subtitles

Synopsis :
It is New Year’s Eve in Medarcos, a small town in the mountains of Madrid, inhospitable and frozen. Rome is 9-year-old and his favourite place is the lap of his father, Rodolfo. Yet, the atmosphere is rarefied.

2. Marungka Tjalatjunu (Dipped in Black)**

Director : Matthew Thorne, Derik Lynch
Australia / 2022 / 25 mins / Documentary
In Yankunytjatjara with Chinese & English subtitles

Synopsis :
As Yankunytjatjara man Derik Lynch travels from the oppression of white city life in Adelaide to his remote Anangu Community (Aputula) for spiritual healing, his childhood memories return. This is a journey told through, Inma, a traditional form of storytelling using the visual, verbal, and physical. It is how Anangu Tjukurpa (story connected to country / dreaming / myth / lore) have been passed down for over 60,000+ years from generation to generation.

3. Bitter September (Septembre Amer)**

Director : Sophia Farantatou
Switzerland / 2022 / 26 mins / Documentary
In Modern Greek with English subtitles

Synopsis :
After the assassination of the Greek-American LGBTQ activist, Zak Kostopoulos, his childhood friend, Sophia Farantatou, returns to Greece and finds herself stuck in a dead end. Between the media storytelling and her own archive footage from her friend, Sophia has no choice but to isolate and reflect on the meaning of memory.

4. How to Carry Water **

Director : Sasha Wortzel
USA / 2023 / 15 mins / Documentary
In English with English subtitles

Synopsis :
For over a decade, Shoog McDaniel (a fat, queer, and disabled photographer) has transformed the way fat people view themselves and how a fat phobic society views fat bodies through photographs. Bringing Shoog’s photography to life, this punk rock fairytale immerses audiences in a world of fat beauty and liberation, one in which marginalized bodies – including bodies of water – are sacred.

5. Hate**

Director : Emiliano Sisolfi
Italy / 2022 / 8 mins / Experimental
In Italian with English subtitles

Synopsis :
A teenager is questioning their gender identity and the relationship with their mother. They are looking for an answer by God itself.

* Hong Kong Premiere
** Asia Premiere

*** International Premiere
Running Time: 90 mins

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