Director : Milad Alami
Cast : Payman Maadi
Sweden / 2023 / 119 mins / Gay, Bisexual, Sports
In Swedish and Farsi with English subtitles

9 – 9 – 23 (Sat) 5:10pm – Broadway CINEMATHEQUE
20 – 9 – 23 (Wed) 7:25pm – PREMIERE ELEMENTS

* Hong Kong Premiere
* Winner of Special Jury Prize at Seattle International Film Festival 2023, Winner of the Best Feature Film at Persian International Film Festival 2023

Synopsis :
After fleeing Iran in the wake of a ruinous rumour, Iman and his family find themselves seeking refuge in a rundown hotel in northern Sweden. As refugees, they grapple with their diminished sense of power, but Iman endeavors to maintain his role as the family patriarch. In a daring attempt to enhance their chances of being granted asylum, he breaks a promise to his wife and joins the local wrestling club. However, as the whispers of the past resurface, Iman is consumed by fear and desperation, confronting the greatest challenge of his life. OPPONENT is an enthralling film that delves into the struggles faced by refugees and the sacrifices made to protect one’ skin.

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