Director : Rolando Cola, Josef Burri
Switzerland / 2022 / 65 mins / Documentary, LGBTQ, Human Rights, Discrimination, Homophobe
In German, French, and English with English subtitles

13 – 9 – 23 (Wed) 8:00pm – PREMIERE ELEMENTS
18 – 9 – 23 (Mon) 8:00pm – Broadway CINEMATHEQUE

* Asian Premiere
* Official Selection: Frameline International Film Festival 2023

Synopsis :
OUT OF UGANDA is a powerful documentary that chronicles the struggles of four young LGBT Ugandans – Philip, Lynn, Hussein, and Shammy – as they fight to survive in a country where they face oppression and discrimination due to their sexuality. With their lives in constant danger, they have no choice but to leave their home behind and go into exile in search of safety. This emotional film shines a light on the harsh realities faced by LGBT individuals in Uganda and the difficult decisions they must make in order to live authentically and safely.

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