15 – 9 – 2023 (Fri) 7:55pm – PALACE ifc
16 – 9 – 2023 (Sat) 3:35pm – Broadway CINEMATHEQUE

1. The Third Solar Term*

Director : Zhanfei Song
China / 2021 / 20 mins / Drama
In Mandarin with English subtitles

Synopsis :
Qizhe returns home to spend spring break with his mother but after meeting a man he originally met online, he is conflicted between living true to himself and pretending to be the perfect son.

2. Coming Out With the Help of a Time Machine* 

Director : Naman Gupta
USA / 2021 / 15 mins / Comedy
In English with English subtitles

Synopsis :
Sid plans to come out to his conservative, community-oriented parents. If anything should go wrong, he has the power of time travel on his side-and he’ll do anything to emerge from this encounter unscathed.

3. Dildo*

Director : Jake Muñoz Consing
Philippines / 2022 / 1 min / Comedy
In Tagalog with English subtitles

Synopsis :
A teenage boy discovers he can use his face massager for… well…his…

4. Baba**

Director : Sam Arbor and Adam Ali
UK / 2021 / 17 mins / Drama
In Arabic and English with English subtitles

Synopsis :
An unexpected discovery forces Britannia, a queer Libyan teenager, to question whether to stay or flee his beloved homeland.

5. Happy Birthgay*

Director : Niv Manzur
Israel / 2022 / 16 mins / Comedy
In Arabic and English with English subtitles

Synopsis :
Mom throws her son a grandiose surprise BirthGay party, celebrating a year of his coming out of the closet. However, this film is a sad farce about the mother’s closet, rather than the son’s.

6. Abundance of Questions**

Director : Todd Lien
USA / 2023 / 1 min / Comedy
In English

Synopsis :
Abundance of love can take different forms or shapes in different cultures.

7. Foreign Uncle**

Director : Sining Xiang
USA, China / 2022 / 20 mins / Drama
In Mandarin and English with English subtitles

Synopsis :
Sining brings his American boyfriend, Patrick, back to China to visit his family. After Sining inadvertently comes out to them, everyone’s attitude towards Patrick goes south – except for Sining’s 7-year-old nephew, Naonao.

* Hong Kong Premiere
* Asia Premiere
* International Premiere
Running time: 90 mins