Last year, we had our very first HKLGFF Screenplay Competition for short films of 15 minutes or less. We are so grateful for the tremendous response with many creative and well-written screenplays. Thank you to all the writers who submitted their work to our competition and we hope you will participate in our second HKLGFF Screenplay Competition!

There were two screenplays which stood out amongst the rest. They were chosen as the winners because they are technically well crafted, poignant, original, and we feel they reflect Hong Kong LGBTQ+ lives truthfully and realistically. 

The two winners are:
Christy Tse – Breathe Without Water
Jason Lam – The 30-Year-Old Bottom

As part of the prize for the competition, the winning screenwriters were given the opportunity to meet five industry experts to discuss their screenplay and how to turn the scripts into actual films. 

HKLGFF would like to thank the five mentors – Stanley Kwan, Jessy Tsang, Yan Yan Mak, Teresa Kwong and Ray Yeung for their valuable time in meeting our two winning screenwriters, and providing their insight and advice regarding the screenplays and the prospects of a screenwriting career. 

Meet Our Mentors:
Stanley KWAN
Rouge, Stanley KWAN’s third film, won him a substantial international audience. After that, Actress won the Best Actress prize at the Berlin Film Festival for Maggie Cheung and Hold You Tight won both the Alfred Bauer prize for innovation and the Teddy Award for best lesbian /gay feature, again in Berlin. In 2001, he was awarded Best Director at the Golden Horse Film Festival for Lanyu. Directing as well as producing, he is now one of the most prominent players within the Hong Kong film industry.

Yan Yan MAK 
Mak is a Hong Kong-based female award-winning director who graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing. She has worked as assistant director, scriptwriter, art director, and editor in the film industry. Her representative feature works include Gege (Brother), Butterfly, August Story, Merry-Go-Round, and The Great War. Yan Yan has been active in the Hong Kong music scene lately, working as concert creative director and producer.

Teresa Kwong
Teresa Kwong is a curator and producer for film and cross-disciplinary arts practices. Currently the Programme Director of Hong Kong Arts Centre, she is leading ifva, a short film and media arts awards and festival between 2004 and 2014. Her award winning titles as film producer include Jessey Tsang’s Big Blue Lake (2011) and documentary Flowing Stories (2014), Amos Why’s Dot 2 dot (2014) and Far Far Away (2022), as well as Ray Yeung’s Suk Suk (2019) that has been shown in Berlinale 2020. 

Tsang Tsui-Shan
Tsang Tsui-Shan, Best New Director of the 31st Hong Kong Film Award 2012. In 2008 her first directed feature film Lovers On the Road won the Best Drama Award of the 8th South Taiwan Film Festival. And her second feature Big Blue Lake was succeed internationally. Tsang ‘s first documentary feature Flowing Stories (2014), won the Humanitarian Award of FilmAid Asia in 2016 . In recent years, Tsang has also participated in advertisements and online TV productions in addition to film production. Her latest feature film The Lady Improper was released in 2019 April. TSANG ‘s latest VR project Chroma 11 had been selected by the 77th Venice International Film Festival, Biennale College Cinema.

Ray Yeung
Ray Yeung received the 2021 Artist of the Year in Film by The HK Arts Development Council. His third feature SUK SUK (Twilight’s Kiss), premiered at the 2019 Busan International Film Festival and 2020 Berlinale International Film Festival. Ray’s first feature CUT SLEEVE BOYS, premiered at the 2005 Rotterdam International Film Festival and his second feature, FRONT COVER is currently available on Netflix USA.