We are so excited to release the 27th edition of the HKLGFF film program. This is the first time in HKLGFF history that we have programmed documentaries as our opening and closing films. The opening film WEEKENDS is about music and the closing film KIKI is about dance. Both documentaries capture the Eastern and Western LGBT community’s family, friends, relationship and discrimination. WEEKENDS is like GLEE in real life. The difference is the choir members are all gay and they write their own songs that are related to the LGBT community. The lyrics and music touched our hearts even though the film is in Korean language with English subtitle. KIKI is a film that will WOW you. The background is the KIKI BALLROOM, the vogueing dance fight party culture in New York. The party is so hot that even Rihanna and Queen Latifah have attended there. The film is all about individuality and becoming a survivor. It is educational and entertaining.

We have the super sexy DON’T LOOK AT ME THAT WAY for girl’s opening film. Director and actress, Uisenma Borchu makes a great entrance for her debut film in worldwide festivals. The film won the Grand Prize at Taipei Film Festival this year. The sweet, romantic French lesbian film, SUMMERTIME is another closing film for you to choose. Our four opening and closing films cover every letter in LGBTQ. No one is left out this year.

We have LOVE IS STRANGE director Ira Sachs’ new film LITTLE MEN and STRANGER BY THE LAKE director Alain Cuiraudie’s new film STAYING VERICAL. Both director’s films were featured in our opening or closing in the past. We have quite a few directors that are HKLGFF regular choice. It is nice to see filmmakers keep producing LGBT films and showcase them again and again in our film festival. It feels like you are meeting an old friend that you have never met.

I hope you enjoy the films we selected for you this year. I hope to see you all in cinema. Your cinema needs you!

Joe Lam
HKLGFF Director