Director: Sebastian Meise
Cast: Franz Rogowski, Georg Friedrich
Austria, Germany / 2021 / 116 mins / Drama, Romance, History 
In German with English and Chinese subtitles

25 / 9 / 2022 (Sun) 15:35 – PREMIERE ELEMENTS
8 / 10 / 2022 (Fri) 19:30 – MOViE MOViE Cityplaza

* Winner of Jury Prize – Un Certain Regard at Cannes Film Award 2021 

Hans is always in and out of prison. His only crime? He’s a gay man living in post-war Germany, where homosexuality was a prisonable offence until 1994. The prison system slowly destroys his desire for freedom. Throughout it all, the only steady human relationship that he has is his long-term cell-mate, Viktor, a convicted murderer. What starts as revulsion grows into something resembling love, as the desire for human connection transcends prejudice.

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