Hong Kong Shorts

HKLGFF is launching our very first Short Film Screenplay Competition as part of our “Hong Kong Stories” program! The event will feature a showing of three short films, written and directed by local filmmakers who will be at the event to discuss their insights and knowledge on writing their screenplays. We will also provide information about the competition. Screenwriters are encouraged to attend! Limited seats. No entry fee. Please register here.

Screening Schedule:
19 / 9 / 2021 (Sun) 15:00 – Eaton House (FULL)
25 / 9 / 2021 (Sat) 15:00 – Eaton House (FULL)
2 / 10 / 2021 (Sat) 15:00 – Eaton House (FULL)

May You Stay, Forever Young

Screenplay: Siu Lok Sum, Stephanie, Ho Yui Chi, Savio
Director: Ho Yui Chi, Savio
Cast: Cheung Ka Kit, Lai Wai Shing
Hong Kong / 2021 / 32 mins / Drama
In Cantonese, with Chinese and English subtitles 

Despite his nice and organised life planned out by his parents, Francis finds himself attracted to Tommy, his carefree former schoolmate. He travels between the restaurant where he works and a city he barely knows, trying to navigate between family pressure and his relationship with Tommy. The two radically different worlds draw closer together until they finally clash.

Live On Without Me

Screenplay: Wan Kar Wuen
Director: Wan Kar Wuen
Cast: Ariel  So Yuet Yin, Tam Sin Yin, Cecilia Ng Kit Yan
Hong Kong / 2021 / 26 mins / Drama
In Cantonese, with Chinese and English subtitles 

Shu-ting lives with her lesbian lover Kayan and her daughter, Tung, from a previous marriage. However, after the unexpected death of Kayan, Shu-ting finds herself at the mercy of Kayan’s mother who wants to take Tung away from her.

Like A Marriage

Screenplay: Cheng Tsz Lok 
Director: Cheng Tsz Lok 
Cast: Jam Shing Kwan, Bobular Wong
Hong Kong / 2021 / 30 mins / Drama
In Cantonese, with Chinese and English subtitles 

Gay partners Chan Yui and Ka Wing are happily in love, until Chan Yui enters a marriage of convenience with his lesbian friend Fung Ming to appease his parents. Under great pressure, Ka Wing is forced to accept this sham marriage but can things ever go back to normal?