About us

The Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival Society is a registered non-profit society. The Organisation seeks to promote equal opportunities and eliminate discrimination against sexual minority groups in Hong Kong through cinematic works of art.

Executive Director
Raymond Yeung

Board members
Chung Lau, Ray Yeung, Joe Lam and Stan Guingon

Festival Director
Joe Lam

Chung Lau

Festival Curators
Sophia Shek, Ray Yeung, Joe Lam and Russell Boaz

Short Films Curators
Russell Boaz, Lillian Liu Ray Yeung

Festival Coordinators
Eric W, Willa Wong, Celia Li

Chinese Writer
Lillian Liu, Derek Lui, Derek Leung

English Writers
Jules O’Brien, Ray Yeung, Sophia Shek, Russell Boaz and Stan Guingon

Olivia Yang

Design and Art Director
Joe Lam

Events Organiser & Fundraising
Joe Lam

Van Choi

Joe Lam

Koya Yuen

HeHeSheShe Out @ U Coordinators
Derek Leung, Joe Lam, Celia Li and Lillian Liu

“We are GAYbours” Coordinator
Chung Lau