曼谷之戀 Bangkok Love Story
Date: 22-11-2007 Time: 19:30 Venue: AMC Festival Walk
泰國 Thailand / 2007 / 彩色 Color / 35mm / 105 mins
泰語對白,英文字幕 In Thailand with English Subtitles
導演 Dir: Poj Arnon
主演 Cast﹕Rattanaballang Tohssawat, Chaiwat Tongsaeng
導演及演員出席 Director and Cast to attend screening


"I wish I know how to quit you" - 但當兩個本來各不相干,甚至從未發現原來自己原來能愛同性的男人,因命運而走在一起,最後更愛得難捨難離陷入痛苦深淵之時,又怎能說分手就分呢?殺手奉黑幫之命綁架熱血幹探,只是當黑幫大佬命令殺手解決幹探的一刻,殺手卻發現自己無法下手。一對叛逆漢子在逃出黑幫魔爪之際,發現原來對方早已暗種情花。 導演 Dir: Poj Arnon刻意拋開泰國電影對同志角色的定型。讓你知道原來泰國同志一樣可以愛得震撼、man得轟烈!

An explosive romance set in buzzing and chaotic streets of the Thai capital, Bangkok Love Storyis a story of two young men from opposite worlds being thrown together.
Maek (Rattanaballang Tohssawat), an assassin, is given a contract to take out Iht (Chaiwat Tongsaeng). However, when Maek refuses to kill Iht, he takes a bullet in the ensuing gunbattle. This twist of fate forces them together, and Iht helps to nurture Maek back to health in a safe house. Slowly, a deep, emotional bond develops between them, one that the long assassin Maek cannot risk to have. Love is too dangerous for both of them, so Maek decideds to run from Iht, but can that save them both?
A beautiful shot emotional rollercoaster, this sexy thriller is set to excite, titillate and entertain. Are you ready for the hottest romance of the year?

初戀 First Love (Hatsu-Koi)
Date: 22-11-2007 Time: 19:30 Venue: Boardway Cinematheque
日本 Japan / 2007 / 彩色 Color / Video / 100min
日語對白,英文字幕 In Japanese with English Subtitles
導演 Dir: Imaizumi Koichi
主演 Cast: Murakami Hiroshi, Matsunoki Teppen
導演及演員出席 Director and Cast to attend screening



Closeted 17 years-old Tadashi is head over heels for his straight classmate, Kota. Kota however, ignores his attention and friendship when other school kids start calling him “fag” and “little queen”. Tadashi, lost and confused, feels he has nowhere to turn until he spots gay couple Hiroki and Shinji on the subway. In an effort to discover how gay guys manage in a close-minded society, Tadashi tries to befriend them. Hiroki and Shinji however, have issues of their own: Hiroki is closeted from his family and, through a chain of events, he may have to tell his family the truth about his “coworker”.
Director Imaizumi Koichi weaves a story of discovery and acceptance in the still conservative Japanese society, where coming out can mean being ostracized by everyone you care for. He shows us the characters’ transitions from silly fags to gays dealing with real issues such as coming out to family and gay marriage.
Sprinkled in the story are some well shot, steamy sex scenes that give us some ‘thinking time’ amid all the drama!

詹姆士書 Books of James
Date: 1-12-2007 Time: 17:45 Venue: Palace IFC
Date: 2-12-2007 Time: 19:50 Venue: Broadway Cinematheque
加拿大 Canada .美國 USA / 2007 / 彩色 Color / Video / 74min
英語對白,無字幕 In English with no Subtitles
導演 Dir: 譚浩Ho Tam
導演出席 Director to attend screening


《詹姆士書》是攝影藝術家 James Wentzy 的一段深情隨筆,記錄的是一個身患愛滋病的同志的動人故事。James Wentzy 於 1976 年搬到紐約,1990 年證實感染 HIV/AIDS。患病並沒讓他失去鬥志,而他更成為同志平權組織 ACT-UP 的活躍分子,繼續以錄像探索自己的心路歷程。香港出生的獨立製片人 Ho Tam,透過 James Wentzy 的錄像反思了同志身份,亦帶來了近代男女同志歷史上的重要一章。

Hong Kong-born filmmaker Ho Tam spent eight years to bring us Books of James, a deeply personal and political story of art, AIDS, and activism.
James Wentzy moved to NYC in 1976, struggling as an artist and photographer during the post-gay liberation era. Throughout the decade, he kept journals that became known as the Books of James. In 1990, James was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, leading him to become an active member of ACT-UP and an AIDS video activist.
As James captured on video the most important struggles and protests in AIDS history, Tam weaves together a deeply personal, and often wryly observed journey through one of the most important chapters in LBGT history through a man caught in the midst of it all.

智恆基金會誠意推薦 Presented by Chi Heng Foundation